Midnight Sun by Jo Nesbo; Kim Gordon, narrator

I had really looked forward to reading Joe Nesbo’s latest book, Midnight Sun, but I was very disappointed. When it started out it seemed to promise to be a thriller about a young “fixer” who could not pull the trigger when called upon, a fixer who could not perform his duty. Unable to do what was demanded of him by “the Fisherman”, a man who dealt in drugs and allowed no tomfoolery whatsoever, he had taken to the road and was on the run; now he was the victim needing “fixing”. He had several narrow escapes, but the story never gets very exciting or credible. It soon seems to deteriorate into a not very credible love story. It failed to hold my interest. The dialogue seemed trite, and I couldn’t wait for it to end.
The narrator read with almost no expression or modulation in her tone. As each character came on stage, it was impossible to determine who it was or even at what point the change took place.
In short, I was displeased with the book and the narrator. (less) [edit]


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