Hamilton, The Revolution, Lin-Manuel Miranda, author; Jeremy McCarter, author narrator, Mariska Hargitay, narrator.

hamiltonI thought this audio book was going to contain parts of the shows music. Instead, it turned out to be a very politically correct version detailing the seeds that birthed the idea of a rap show about Alexander Hamilton. Explaining where the idea for the show came from (Ron Chernow’s book Hamilton), and the process used for set design, the way the cast was chosen and how it was directed and performed, it began to feel like a paid commercial. From what I read, it seemed that all of the important people associated with the show would be critiqued, and their reactions to their being selected and their feelings about the show in hip hop format would be described in detail.

Although the book stressed that the show was about diversity and the value of the immigrant from the birth of the country until today, as it morphed into a rainbow of color, it distinctly left one color at a disadvantage. In their cattle call for performers to audition, apparently only people of color were requested to apply, or in plain speech, whites need not apply. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, it did smack of racism in reverse, regardless of whether or not you believe it was necessary to further equality in the field of show business. Actually, I don’t mean to sound racist, but if we are going to keep going down that road, perhaps the football and basketball teams should be examined more closely to create a bit more equality there, as well.

Anyway, I could not finish the book. It felt as if it was more of an ego trip or homage to the immigrant author or public infomercial for the show and its “players”. I didn’t need to be subjected to this in a sense, however politically correct or socially necessary it was deemed to be by some. I will, however, eventually see the performance and I am sure I will love it just like everyone else. Its creativity and talented performers blow everyone away, so why not me too?

No one will deny the great success of the show or the enormous talent of the people involved. Hamilton is a winner. I am sure people in show business, especially those of color, will think there was nothing wrong with the cattle call which was merely giving them their due at long last, and others will adore the process of the making of the show and the writing of the book, as well. It has certainly played to audiences with great acclaim and no one can deny the brilliance of the writers behind the book, the playwright and/or the many musicians and singers and other performers. Liberals will love the book for all of the things it expounds upon that they hold dear in their party platform. President Obama adored Lin, the rap music and the show.

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