Clinton Cash, Peter Schweizer

clintonThis is a powerful, unbelievably well researched book that exposes the contradictions within the Clinton dynasty, although it is so information driven that I could not take it all in without reading it slowly. Still, for ordinary citizens, non-scholars, it shows just how carefully the Clintons, both experienced and knowledgeable lawyers, have skirted the outer edges of our legal and justice system to take advantage of the power they wield within their own party, the Democrats, to advantage themselves time and time again. In much the same way that Bill Clinton exploited the word “is” in his definition of sexual relations, they have exploited the word “fundraising”, for themselves and their Clinton Foundation, during their tenure in government and outside of it for decades. There is little more to say other than that a reader with an open mind will learn how they hobnob with the rich and famous, make deals with shady governments and often shadier operatives, disregard criminal behavior in their associates, and enrich themselves and their friends in the process, which appears to be their primary goal.

The Clintons are very smart. They know how to create an unsolvable puzzle, a maze that is unfathomable and therefore untraceable with regard to their personal and public behavior. From their secret server to their interactions and speeches in foreign countries, their activities read like a web of intrigue that could be found in a novel, but not in reality. However, this truth is stranger than fiction. Because of their expertise in covering their tracks, it is simply not possible to directly point a finger at any particular actions they have taken. There is no straight line that leads to them; rather, there is a circuitous route of coincidences of such sheer magnitude, that seem to involve the enrichment of the Clintons, the Clinton Foundation, and those they have dealings with or arrange meetings  for, with heads of state or other influential politicians and leaders, from whom they then curry favor or enrich themselves or other friends and participants, that it is difficult to escape the inevitable conclusion that the Clintons know how to work the system for their own benefit, first and foremost. It appears that the authority of the Clintons knows know bounds. If they see opportunity, they know how to exploit it; they are the perfect opportunists.

Oddly, or perhaps for obvious reasons, depending on who is interested in the question of their behavior patterns, the current government, under Barack Obama, appears not even willing to allow or provide a proper investigation by the Justice Department into their machinations because all the party, and those involved in its hierarchy and in the higher echelons of the administration, seem to care only about winning an election. After reading this book, it feels that their activities, and what is in the best interest of the country, seems secondary to the needs of the party, the Democrats, and the Clintons, who want to retain the White House at all costs.

The Clintons are very powerful indeed; they have done their duty for their party; they have been loyal, and the powers that be believe that they deserve to be rewarded. They are well funded and connected and seem to be coated in Teflon, often avoiding investigation into their questionable activities. The media, already indicted for its bias, refuses to cover their “escapades” honestly or aggressively, and instead, seems to spin the news in favor of the candidates they prefer, avoiding the reporting of actual news. This book makes the point that America seems to be at a very important crossroads which will affect future generations for years.


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