War Dogs, Guy Lawson, author; Jason Culp, narrator

warThree young men who met each other as children, while attending a Jewish school, found themselves in the fortunate position of becoming government arms dealers with the possibility of accumulating great wealth. I am not sure why the author chose to emphasize their religious backgrounds, which contained some less than stellar details, but I find that it turned me off a bit from listening to the CD. I also found some of the language too crude for my taste.

In short, the Jewish ringleader’s family basically taught him the ropes of gun running/arms dealing, though I am not sure that they actually taught him how to be such a conniving and unethical human being, only interested in accumulating wealth. I am certain that it plays into the popular stereotype of Shylock and Jews who love their money. I found that offensive, as well.

In the short time*** I allowed myself to listen to the narration, I learned that the worst thing about the work they did was that they did not care at all about the fact that they were putting people in harm’s way. They were sending substandard weapons and equipment to be used in a theater of war which meant many would die absolutely unnecessarily.

The government wanted to give the contracts to small businesses but there was no appropriate vetting. The government really screwed up. Many of those who were awarded the business opportunities were unprepared, ill equipped and without the appropriate experience. This failure to appoint responsibly trained, moral individuals from America and/or Iraq to rebuild and retrain law enforcement and the military after the successful invasion of Iraq, was one of the nails in the coffin that prevented the effort to restore stability and led to the failure of the effort requiring a reset at a later date and the loss of so many innocents for no reason.

The book did not draw me into the story, rather the nature of the beasts featured turned me off. I did not want to read about dishonest Jews, nor did I want to read about such low-lifes that they would endanger the lives of innocents to further their own financial success. They were simply sleaze, as far as I am concerned and giving them an audience was insulting.

***I was unable to finish listening to the book.



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