Nighthawk, Clive Cussler, author; Scott Brick, narrator

nighthawkCenturies ago, in South America, the Incas were wiped out by a disease brought to them by outsiders. Now, hundreds of years later, an object that has been quietly orbiting the earth, for three years, is returning to this same area. As it descends, there is an error in its computer system, and it fails to follow the planned program for its landing. It disappears, crashing into an unknown location. The object contains a weapon of mass destruction that can cause death and devastation on a scale never seen before, It is, therefore, imperative that it is retrieved and neutralized as soon as possible or this same area will be wiped out again. The weapon may not stay stable.

This experimental vehicle is called Nighthawk. Experts from NUMA and NSA have been dispatched to find and retrieve it safely, before it can do great harm to civilization and the world. Few people know the real danger that is out there from this spacecraft, not even those looking for it. The Nighthawk is carrying a very dangerous cargo, a cargo that Russia and China are aware of and also want to possess. It is a secret weapon that has been developed in space which is the worst weapon of destruction to yet exist. The country in control would become the most powerful because it could bring about Armageddon. Behind the scenes, a madman is plotting just that.

While the book is exciting, there is almost too much intrigue as everything that can go wrong does go wrong. Often, the characters, all of whom are exceptionally bright, seem woefully naïve and trusting and are easily duped. Still, just in the nick of time, they usually save the day.

The novel is a thriller and it is narrated well by Scott Brick as all his narrations are excellent. However, the book itself stretches credulity at times and forces the reader to suspend disbelief.

Will Kurt Austin and his cohorts be able to save the world from the danger that is out there? Should America have ever conducted the experiments that created this danger? Will these questions be answered?

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