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It Can’t Happen Here, Sinclair Lewis, author; Grover Gardner, narrator

The time is 1936. The Depression is a nightmare memory which has changed the mood of the country. There is political unrest, a charged atmosphere of distrust for government officials, anger at rich corporate giants, and a general somber malaise … Continue reading

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The Turner House, Angela Flournoy

With the current unrest in Baltimore MD, the events in Ferguson MO, and a history of riots like the ones in Los Angeles CA, Harlem NY, and Detroit MI, decades ago, this book has become very timely and very important. … Continue reading

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Anger Unleashed

I am so angry about the reaction of the news media. They fan the flames of discontent and unrest by telling only half the story and presenting it in a biased way to get viewers. They should be ashamed of … Continue reading

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Letter To Friends on the State of the World Today!

Dear friends, I love you all, but not your politics. You voted for Obama, not once, but twice, and if he ran again you would vote for him again and say you were voting against the other guy, in protest. … Continue reading

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A Series of Goodbyes

Not to be maudlin, but lately, my life has become a series of goodbyes. Having reached an age that faces a road that is running out, I am forced to contemplate my brother’s humorous comment about life being a terminal disease. … Continue reading

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The McCarthy Era Returns

Is anyone else getting the feeling of déjà vu, that they had better be looking over their shoulders for the ghost of Joseph McCarthy? Hmmm, if I remember correctly, he falsely accused people of being Communists, of being dangerous to … Continue reading

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Deja Vu

In Virginia, Mc Auliffe won the governorship by 2 1/2 %, he got 48% of the vote, Cuccinelli got 45.5% and the Libertarian, Sarvis got the rest, 6.6%. (I know, there is an extra .1%, probably McAuliffe should be 47.9, … Continue reading

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