If He Isn’t a Friend, Then He Is An Enemy!

Today will go down in history as a very sad one for Israel and the Jews. They finally will have to realize that the man in the White House is not their friend. A CNN reporter said when George Bush was President, Israel had a friend in the White House. She left unstated, but implied, the next logical remark: Israel no longer has a friend in the White House. If Obama is not a friend, then that makes him an enemy, does it not? Jews are the people everyone loves to hate and he has put a target on all of their backs today. He is either too naive to be President or he is intent on carrying out a plan which will destroy Israel and maybe the United States with it.

I feel angry that my naive friends basically put him in office so he could bring about such catastrophic circumstances. He has lit a match to the Middle East. Doesn’t anyone remember that the conflagration that brings about the end of the world supposedly begins in the Middle East and ends in its fiery destruction? Is this his master plan, the destruction of the world, as we know it, the end of Israel, the lone democracy in the Middle East? He keeps encouraging unrest, knowing full well there is no one to form a government in these countries, where the people are largely illiterate and poverty stricken.

I feel disgusted because my friends will probably still be stuck in the background of their forefathers who were Socialists and Communists and will still vote for the most liberal man who has ever held public office, who will probably destroy America as he seeks to change the world and rebuild it in his image. They don’t care. They simply must remain Democrats. They  won’t listen to both sides of the story, and prefer to live in ignorance, even if they bring the world down around them with their complacence. They are too old to have children but they view the right to an abortion as the most important issue in the election. Israel might not even be a close second, gay marriage probably would beat it out, as well. They don’t see the larger picture. They don’t see that they are being played, manipulated by a master of deception.

Obama takes the low road, making rules in secret, signing brazen executive orders with impunity, usurping the laws to get around them. He is an ideologue with an agenda that feels unsafe and people have their heads in the sand. They will choke on it before they admit they made a mistake electing him. They are liberals to the core, right or wrong. He listens to no one but his own drummer; that drummer is offbeat, but they dance to its music.

Our President said he wants Israel to go back to its pre-1967 borders. I wonder how he would feel if he was told that we should go back to the way things were before 1775 when the American Revolution began. He is acting like he is ruler of the world, telling everyone what they should do. The man who won the Peace Prize has helped to set the world on fire, has helped to spark so much unrest in the Middle East that the safety of all of us is in peril. He truly is a narcissist who thinks he has the only right way and it makes him dangerous to our way of life and to our freedoms.

He says the security of Israel is his priority and it will continue to be his main concern. If that is so, why did he undermine it with his remarks? He is a hypocrite who says one thing and does another but the blind fools who listen to and follow him, do not care what he says as long as he promises them some kind of reward, preferably a hand out, which they will not have to earn but will take from others who have worked harder then they ever did or will. He encourages the worst kind of behavior. The media stands by silently, allowing and even supporting his hypocrisy. They are complicit.

Why did Obama preempt Netanyahu’s speech before Congress? Why did he seek to humiliate him and cut him off at the knees, make him defensive, if his true concern was really for the security of Israel? Because it isn’t his concern. He speaks with forked tongue. It is a pattern with this man of enormous hubris. He is playing a dangerous game with the lives of Jews everywhere. He is basically saying it is open season on them. He is saying that they are wrong; that the land that they won, in a war they did not start, does not belong to them even though it is land that guarantees their security and even though the size of Israel is minsicule when compared to the size of the Middle East and all the Arab Nations. He is saying that Israel, which is the size of the head of a pin when compared to the other Arab countries, has to make peace with a monstrous Goliath and Goliath has to do nothing but accept the spoils of the war he lost! Now that is some bargain…If you lose, your the victor, if you win, you are the vanquished. This is the logic of the man who claims to be a peacemaker! This is backwards. He is rewriting history and this man who studied law is making a mockery of it.

He has asked little of the Arabs, of the Palestinians. Actually, he has given them a great deal. He has given the Arabs the hope of actually taking back a part of Jerusalem, the piece of Israel which, when they occupied it, Jews could not enter. They were barred from their holy sites. Who is this man in the White House? No, a better question is, “Who does this man in the White House think he is,  that he is playing G-d? Is his ego so large that he actually believes he can walk on water? If he is playing G-d, then we can only hope that there is a G-d who will help us! The imposter has shown that he surely won’t!


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