The Super Committee Has Failed

Is it any surprise that the hope of both parties to rescue the economy has failed big-time? I think not! Don’t blame the Republicans. That is a knee jerk reaction hoped for by the Democrats. They claim the GOP has been hijacked by the far right but they ignore the fact that the Democrats are so far left now, they have also been hijacked and to a far greater degree; they are unrecognizable. They are hypocrites. And where was our esteemed President while this country floundered? Ah, he was raising money, conducting fundraisers, trashing America, calling us lazy, saying we lost our way, campaigning for his re-election and America be damned…that is all he cares about…winning. The narcissist-in-chief is true to form. The Democrats did not have the votes to push through the President’s agenda so they formed a committee and doomed it to failure in the hopes that it would aid their candidate’s efforts to win and demonize the GOP rather than run on his achievements…since his achievements have been nothing but divisive.

Instead of finding a solution, they engaged in doing what politicians do best, pointing fingers at the other side, at someone else, while they proclaim innocence. The liberals refuse to limit entitlements which are destroying our economy, and the conservatives won’t budge on taxes, especially not allowing the Bush taxes to be rolled back. Surely there could be some compromise, but it is obvious that the demands of the Democrats are simply a ploy of the Obama campaign to demonize the Republican Party. They were not interested in compromise, they were only interested in raising taxes and penalizing those who work hard for the benefit of those who do not work or don’t want to work, who are jealous of those who have succeeded and can’t admit the reasons for their own failure and thus, are doomed to continue to fail.

All the liberals wanted to do was destroy capitalism and that is not the message being broadcast. The message being sent round the world is that the Republicans are the party of the rich, the party that doesn’t care about those in need, even though they are statistically proven to actually give more to the poor, than any on the left, and the left has many of the richest people in their own domain, altthough they hide it, in much the same way as Michael Moore, pseudo-champion of the poor, claims he is not rich, he is one of them! Don’t make me laugh! Would you like to buy a bridge?

Well if the rich disappear, we will all be poor. That is the unintended consequence of Europe’s efforts and it will be ours, as well. We will all fail because we have become shallow, we have become lazy. There will still be those in power who will claim unwarranted benefits for themselves, even as they tell all the rest of us resultant peons, to do as they say, not as they do.


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